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Dr. Bhatia is a longstanding female OBGYN who practices in both Central and North Central San Antonio. With thirty years in practice, Dr. Bhatia is among the most experienced active obstetrician gynecologists today. Through each of these years, Dr. Bhatia has dedicated herself to her patients by forging lifelong connections with them, striving to better her understanding of current obstetrical and gynecological techniques, and providing consistent support as her patients endure difficulties or discover successes. Through these commitments, Dr. Bhatia has developed an enduring and robust practice that provides care to women in each and every one of their life stages. Indeed, her goal is to become your doctor, and friend, for life.

Dr. Bhatia’s practice can be best defined through the individual attention that she consistently provides her patients with and the constantly evolving services which she offers to enable her patients to have a healthy and successful life. As a private practice physician, Dr. Bhatia is uncompromising in her promise to be available at each and every appointment. With regard to services, she offers a host of obstetrical and gynecological options. These include the most current and reputed techniques, such as the Essure, Novasure, Ligasure, Biote, DaVinci robotic assisted procedures, and 3D/4D ultrasound. Additionally, Dr. Bhatia offers a line of products to assist in achieving a healthy lifestyle and successful pregnancy, including vitamins, wellness products, and skin care products (OBAGI, Clarisonic, USANA). As proof of her commitment to her patients’ well-being, look no further than the breadth of knowledge regarding wellness posted here.

Finally, Dr. Bhatia is a physician committed to the betterment of medicine. Her time as a clinical professor has enabled her to teach and learn from hundreds of residents. As a physician committed to learning, she plays a significant role in the development of future doctors and the improvement of the current medical system.

I am forever grateful that you asked about the breast cancer of my mother. Based on her double mastectomies twenty-five years apart, you made the terrific decision to do a baseline mammogram for me at the age of 29. I am now 52. At the time, that was not standard procedure. You were ahead of the research.
— Dee Wheless Carduner, San Antonio, Tx

  • BCMS - Bexar County Medical Society Member
  • San Antonio Obstetrics & Gynecology Society Member
  • Board Certified American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Se Habla Español & Hindi
  • Bronze Addy Award 2011 Best Websites in San Antonio
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